Photography Services

Michael Clothier was born and raised in Philadelphia. The son of a photographer father and an actress mother, Clothier developed in interest in the arts early in life. Living alone with his father after his mother’s sudden death, he spent hours in the darkroom with his father. He proved a quick learner, processing his first roll of black and white film at age 6.

Leaving college after pursuing a degree in Theater, he moved to Chicago. He spent the next 15 years working in photo labs and studios learning the commercial end of the industry. While working, he experimented with various processing techniques and polished his printing skills. It was at his last job in the industry that he was first exposed to digital imaging and manipulation techniques.

At this time he began shooting again in earnest, for the first time concentrating on his favorite subject, women. He began with simple candid shots in the park, progressing to boudoir and figure studies. Using the skills he has acquired, Clothier builds his own sets in the studio that function as environments for his models. His work explores themes of beauty, sexuality and the interplay between men and women. Most recently, Clothier has begun exploring the concepts of voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Clothier has had 3 major showings, one each year from 2010 to the present. His first solo exhibition is planned for 2013. His images are being considered for addition to the permanent collection at the Prairie Street Gallery in Chicago and one was purchased for the owner’s personal collection. He continues pursuing his muses and perfecting his skills in his studio in Chicago.