wolfshead (wulfs hed) (Old English) n.

outlaw, rogue, renegade; one who operates outside of the rules of society

Wolfshead is based on one simple rule: there are no rules.
Most photographers view their finished image as an end point in the story. For us, that is where the story begins. We recreate digitally what our minds imagine. The image is ever-evolving in the mind, as our perception of the image changes over time. In our minds, the image is never finished; it is always still "in progress." It is our hope that you enjoy these images and will consider our unorthodox approach for your next project.

About Me

Michael Clothier was born and raised in Philadelphia. The son of a photographer father and an actress mother, Clothier developed in interest in the arts early in life. Living alone with his father after his mother’s sudden death, he spent hours in the darkroom with his father. He proved a quick learner, processing his first roll of black and white film at age 6 . . .



My latest project is an exploration of how skin art enhances the female figure, instead of detracting from it. I am currently seeking female models with extensive tattoos of a consistant theme . . .



We offer photographic services of the types listed above. Retouching services are also available, times and prices are dependent on the extent of work needed. Model development services and portfolio production information can be found under the "For Models" tab at the top of the page . . .